Darin Sysoev - Foto ein Liebling der Frau (OST "SPIES")

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Composer: Darin Sysoev
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This is a series about the interweaving of two girls scouts lifes during the Second World War. Arina Prozorovskaya is an idealist, a Komsomol member, who grew up in an intelligent family. Zoe Velichko - a village girl, the daughter of a repressed kulak, found herself in a criminal company. Shortly before the war, two girls find themselves in the scouting school, led by an experienced intelligence officer, Major Vorotynnikov.
The girls’ lifes circumstances are very tragic. Arina she is falsely accused of treason to the Motherland, and the service is the only chance to justify herself. Zoe is accused of murdering Arina's mother, who happened shortly before the girls got into the scouting school. And although Zoe didn’t commit murder, and even tried to prevent it, she has no proof. Therefore, for Zoe working for the state is also the only way to escape punishment.
The girls are in a permanent silent war relationship. Arina considers Zoe guilty of the death of her mother and tries to take revenge. Zoe is not a shy girl and was used to responding to aggression. But Major Vorotynnikov puts Arina and Zoe in the same group deliberately to carry out scouting missions. Vorotynnikov sees their dissimilarity, the girls complement each other and form an ideal tandem. Arina and Zoe have to fulfill many dangerous tasks. In this case, the worldview of each girl will change. They will understand they are ready to forgive each other ...


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