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Опубликован Jul 7, 2017 19:30

The Bavarian government has recently re-published the “My Struggle” (“Mein Kampf”) book of Adolf Hitler – for the first time since the end of World War II.
It was just the time for the world to recollect the Nuremberg trial, its process and purposes. What a strange coincidence...
The International military tribunal at Nuremberg started its work on November 20, 1945.
This is a well-known fact. Still, up until now there is something which is not a part of common talking.
To begin with, the Tribunal might have never happened.
The Allies were against the legal lawsuit of the Nazi leaders. Churchill and Roosevelt, together with other Western dignitaries, were appealing to take the law into their own hands, making Germany a “potato field”.
As one of the politicians noted at that time, the discussion was needed only for the place where to put the gallows, and for the rope length.
It was only the Soviet government that was striving to arrange the international trial for the leaders of the Fascist Germany, consistently and obstinately, ever since 1942.
Finding a common language was far from being a quick solution.
How many Nazis are to be brought before the court? Which is the city to hold this court? Who has managed to escape and is it possible to try them in absentia? Should the criminals have solicitors? Which legal system is to be taken as the basis? How to provide quick and competent translation into four languages at once?
These and a variety of other questions were to be settled by the Allies collectively.
There were many complicated things during the trial – suspicion and misunderstanding, mischief-making and scandals, heel dragging and provocations. But, against all the odds, the main thing did occur – the International military tribunal has started.



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