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Опубликован Nov 12, 2017 14:00

Four gunmen equipped with rifles and a group of hostages (manager Vladimir Vladimirovich, wounded supervisor, nurse Sveta, funny fatman, pilot and his expecting wife) are inside the bank. The capture is being ruled by some Kovalyov, who is outside the building and is giving the gunmen information and orderings.
In front of the building, inside the cafe, a rescue headquarter is being placed. There arrive some new personalities – a deputy, an occultist, freelance reporter Zhanna…
Occupants’ leader is getting in touch to rescue commander Alabaev and is demanding the keys to the lock boxes.
Police heads orders to assault the bank building. During assault several guards and a bandit were killed. Occupants successfully beat back the attack, but now they are three – a leader, Krest and Ivan.
Alabaev goes to negotiate with gunmen and is near to successfully contact with their leader, but Krest is suddenly gets mad and shoots Alabaev to his head.


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