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Опубликован Nov 12, 2017 18:00

Galya, Ivan’s sister, tells police of her brother and a Leader. In that episode we find a lot of personalities past. Leader was a soldier and substituted father for Galya and Ivan. As a result of Pochekaev’s bank frauds Leader has lost all his savings and happened to be homeless. An idea of robbing the bank put him together with Kovalyov, who had his motive to avenge – years before Pochekaev forced Kovalyov’s bride to have sex with him and as result, to commit suicide. Since then Kovalyov wants to avenge. He employed to Pochekaev’s bank, began spying on his boss and discovered that Pochekaev keeps in his safety box some embarrassing material which publicity may cost him life. Kovalyov hired Krest, Telega and Glebych for robbery.
At the same time a safe breaker opens the lock box of Pochekaev and extracts his secret folder. Bandits mention they are ready to leave the bank and claim for helicopter. Their demand is impossible to make and police begins assaulting.


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